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Hellermann Tyton Helawrap


CL Wire Securing Clamps:
The practical CL wire securing clamps have been developed for the T1, T1 F, T1E and T1EF wiring duct series. They are quickly and easily anchored at the installation points with a single turn of a screwdriver. The clamps hold the cables and wires securely in the channel and are especially recommended for vertical routing.

TR1 and TR1E Wiring Securing Clamps
The TR series wire securing clamps prevent cables and lines from falling out of the wiring ducts, particularly if vertical routed. The securing clamps are clicked onto the "fingers" of the duct. The clamps can be easily shortened at the snap-off points from 100 mm to 40 mm or 37.5 mm to adapt them to the channel width. As a result, one clip size is enough for every channel type.

DUCTAFIX R4 and R6 Wiring Duct Rivets
DUCTAFIX wiring duct rivets have been developed to secure and rapidly fasten IBOCO wiring ducts. The three-ribbed construction ensures a secure hold.
The B4/RT4 and B6/RT6 rivet tools were especially developed to insert the R4 and R6 rivets, respectively.

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