The ideal solution for bundling, protectingand fixing cables.

Hellermann Tyton Helawrap


Features and Benefits:
Ovalgrip markers have been specifically designed to mark cable and wire both before and after termination. Their oval shape means that these markers are easy to fit by hand directly onto the cable pre termination or they can be attached as an identification flag post termination using special marker Arrowtags. Arrowtags fitted with Ovalgrip are fastened using cable ties and can very easily be modified or removed without the need to uninstall the cable. Sizes 50 and 85 can be used with Arrowtags for identifying larger cable bundles.

Ideally suited to panel building, mass transit, utilities, telecommunications and electrical contracting. These markers are supplied continuous on a reel (HODS). Markers are available as a standard in yellow material marked in black and international resistor colour code. Characters are 0-9, A-Z and standard electrical symbols. White material marked in black available on special request.
AT1 Arrowtags will fit 7 size 50 markers.
AT2 Arrowtags will fit 8 size 85 markers.
AT3 Arrowtags will fit 14 size 85 markers.

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