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Operating/Monitor Housings

Operating housings

Operating housings are designed and manufactured according to customer specific requirements. Housing size and style depend on the size and technical nature of the display.

product information operating housings

Monitor housing

The DL-WG-TFT stainless steel enclosure series can accommodate TFT industrial displays in standard sizes from 6 to 40 inches. The customer receives a fully assembled housing with a fixed TFT monitor. On request the housing will be delivered ready to plug in.

product information monitor housings

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Image Description Avail. Price
Edelstahl 1.4301,Korn 240,
H 575 x B 575 x 210 mm,
t=1,5mm. Tür rückseitig,
not in stock on request
Bediengehäuse für TFT-Monitor,
Bediengehäuse für TFT-Monitor,
BDE Gehäuse, IP66, 1.4301
Korn 240,
HxBxT 732x600x350mm
not in stock on request
Monitorgehäuse mit TFT Monitor
Monitorgehäuse mit TFT Monitor
15 Zoll,
H 380 x B 500 x T 120 mm,
Edelstahl 1.4301,t= 1,5mm,
not in stock on request

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