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The new Q-tie with its open lock head and pre-lock mechanism enables a simple and quick installation.

Hellermann Tyton Q-tie


Features and Benefits:
The SpeedyTie® can be used many times because of its removable, patented trigger. Also this is a heavy duty releasable tie that can bear loads of up to 888N (200lbs). With a length of 750 mm it suits a wide variety of applications and is easy to handle even when wearing work gloves. Any excess tail can be easily “tucked away” in a second slot on the head. These ties are available in 'high visibility' yellow and in weatherproof black.

The versatility of the SpeedyTie® means that it is suitable for a multitude of applications. Originally developed for the “offshore” industries, other uses include: construction, electrical installations, scaffolding sheet installations, exhibitions, trade fairs, and many more.

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SpeedyTie 750 mm
SpeedyTie 750 mm
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25 Stück Verpackung
Item No.: 115-00000
not in stock on request
SpeedyTie 750 mm
SpeedyTie 750 mm
wieder lösbar
5 Stück Verpackung
Item No.: 115-00001
not in stock on request

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