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The new Q-tie with its open lock head and pre-lock mechanism enables a simple and quick installation.

Hellermann Tyton Q-tie


Features and Benefits:
The MCT ties have metal content dispersed throughout the head and strap of the cable tie. These ties can be used as part of the HACCP process. The “unique” blue colour assists in the visual detection and greatly reduces the risk of contamination.

The Metal Content Tie is a cable tie specifically designed for use in the food & pharmaceutical processing industries. A unique manufacturing process, involving the inclusion of a metallic pigment, enables even small “cut-off” sections of the tie to be detected by standard metal detecting equipment. Ideally suited for the installaton of cabling in and around the manufacturing

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Image Description Avail. Price
Kabelband MCT18R
Kabelband MCT18R
blau 100 x 2,5 mm
Item No.: 111-01225
in stock on request
Kabelband MCT30R
Kabelband MCT30R
blau 150 x 3,5 mm
Item No.: 111-00829
delivery period > 7 days on request
Kabelband MCT50R
Kabelband MCT50R
blau 200 x 4,6 mm
Item No.: 111-00830
delivery period > 7 days on request
Kabelband MCT50L
Kabelband MCT50L
blau 390 x 4,6 mm
Item No.: 111-00831
delivery period > 7 days on request
Kabelband MCT120R
Kabelband MCT120R
blau 387 x 7,6 mm
Item No.: 111-01136
delivery period > 7 days on request
Kabelband MCTS300
Kabelband MCTS300
blau 301 x 4,8 mm
Item No.: 111-01399
delivery period > 7 days on request

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