6:1 Shrink Ratio

Hellermann Tyton HA 67

Insulates, seals and protects large size differences between connectors and cables.

Hellermann Tyton HA 67

Shrink Tubing Assortments

ShrinKit 321 is a family of three heat shrink tubing assortments in attractive and handy assembly kits. The range consists of Shrinkit 321 Universal, Shrinkit 321 Basic and Shrinkit 321-A (a dual wall tubing). With their ideal shrink ratio of 3:1 these products re-place many differently sized tubing solutions by fitting almost any heat shrink requirements. Choosing the required product is simplicity itself as the tubings are clearly identified by size, length and content printed on every compartment of the assortment boxes.

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Image Description Avail. Price
ShrinKit 321 Basic
ShrinKit 321 Basic
Item No.: 380-03001
delivery period > 7 days on request
ShrinKit 321 Universal
ShrinKit 321 Universal
Item No.: 380-03002
delivery period > 7 days on request
ShrinKit 321-a
ShrinKit 321-a
Item No.: 380-03003
delivery period > 7 days on request

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