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The new Q-tie with its open lock head and pre-lock mechanism enables a simple and quick installation.

Hellermann Tyton Q-tie


Features and Benefits:
Manufactured from a soft, tear-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane these ties have several unique features: UV and weather resistant, strong yet elastic, and suitable for temperatures as low as -40 degrees C. The SRT ties are releasable and reusable which is ideal for bundling cables in temporary applications such as musical events, theatres, cable harnesses.

The SRT range offers solutions to numerous bundling applications. The soft, flexible material makes these ties particularly suitable for use on data and fibre-optic cables. The elasticity of the material makes them ideal for securing young trees to support poles, and other applications within the gardening and landscaping industry.

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Image Description Avail. Price
Softfix Kabelbinder XS
Softfix Kabelbinder XS
180x7 mm
VPE = 16 Stück
Item No.: 115-07190
in stock on request
Softfix Kabelbinder S
Softfix Kabelbinder S
260x7 mm
VPE = 12 Stück
Item No.: 115-07270
delivery period > 7 days on request
Softfix Kabelbinder M
Softfix Kabelbinder M
260x11 mm
VPE = 8 Stück
Item No.: 115-11270
in stock on request
Softfix Kabelbinder L
Softfix Kabelbinder L
340x11 mm
VPE = 6 Stück
Item No.: 115-11350
delivery period > 7 days on request
Softfix Kabelbinder XL
Softfix Kabelbinder XL
580x28 mm
VPE = 3 Stück
Item No.: 115-28590
delivery period > 7 days on request

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