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The Han-Yellock® - a special Han® connector

Han-Yellock® is a new product series which retains the core functionality but differs significantly from current size and shape formats. The approach of this series makes many new functions possible, for example:
An internal, latched locking mechanism on the hood

  • Multiplies the potentials in the connector with Han-Yellock® modules
  • Usage of Han-Modular® modules with adapter frames
  • Insulators can snap into the front or back walls of the housing
  • Protected Earth contact (PE) in crimp or Quick Lock termination

  • These new technical features encourage sustained and effective improvements:

    When purchasing products –
  • Less article numbers and less inventory,
  • When planning for the electrical and mechanical layout –
  • Less wiring work within a machine,
    During the work flow –
  • Less steps in the work flow and quicker assembly,
  • And during the after-sales stage –
  • Reduced down times because of the latched locking mechanism and maintenance-friendly design

  • Thus, the Han-Yellock® offers improved functionality in the form of increased variability, multiplied potential, simplified handling, reduced incidence of errors and maximized safety.

    description of the Han-Yellock® system
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