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Subracks for railway applications  
Subracks can sometimes be subjected to a wide variety of demands in terms of mechanical stability in certain applications ̶shock and vibration resistance for example. Pentair has addressed this challenge by offering Schroff subracks for shock and vibration requirements between 5 and 25g as part of its standard product portfolio. These subracks are designed for use in fields such as transport, railway, industrial (eg, close to rotating machines), power stations, and defence technology. Pentair’s Schroff branded subracks product line is compliant with all applicable industry standards. For rail technology, these include the European standards IEC 61587-2 and EN 50155 Part 12.2.11, NFF 67012 and NFF 60002 for French railways, as well as BN 411002 and BN 411003 for the German rail system. Furthermore, the subracks are certified in accordance with MIL 167, MIL 810G, MIL 901D, a nd IEC 61587-2 (degree of severity DL3) for use in defenc e technology and applications.

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