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The new Q-tie with its open lock head and pre-lock mechanism enables a simple and quick installation.

Hellermann Tyton Q-tie


Innovative – Effective – Safe!
The new Q-tie has not only an innovative but also a revolutionary design. The open head of the cable tie enables a simple and quick installation. Just insert the ergonomically bent tail into the open side of the head and
tighten the cable tie. With Q-ties you can save time and money!

Easy application for every situation!
Q-tie is the perfect product solution for applications under difficult working conditions. It is designed for use in applications where working with gloves is necessary or for blind applications with a limited view of the work. The new Q-tie allows a quick and simple installation even with work gloves and restricted view. Features for quick and easy application:
• Curved and large ribbed tail
• Open head with easy detectable slot
This saves time and trouble!

Integrated Pre-Locking Functionality!
Due to several simultaneous working processes, it is not always possible to install all cables and conduits in one single step. Thus, working with standard cable ties means either destroying the cable tie of the first installation or applying additional cable ties. The integrated pre-locking function of the Q-tie offers the ability of a temporary and final cable fastening solution. This saves material and time!

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