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Outdoor cabinet for the most challenging operating conditions

  • High stability up to earthquake resistance
  • Weight-saving aluminium construction
  • Assembly possibilities with 19", ETSI or other accessories
  • Tested thermal concepts available
  • IP 55 and security against vandalism


Outdoor modular: rail certified trackside cabinet

The redesigned outdoor modular cabinet is a flexible and reliable solution to ensure the smooth and dependable functioning of sensitive electronics in outdoor environments, and is specifically tested and certified for outdoor trackside railway applications.


Comline: Single wall

Weight-saving aluminium construction. Single wall cabinet ready for wall, pole or ground installation. Optimal for diverse application in industry, transportation and communication.

  • ECL - single access (front door)
  • FTTX - single access (front door) and dual access (front and rear door)



Cost-effective inner case with removable outer cladding. This version has advantages especially for small cabinets. If accessed through the front door, it meets the installation requirements.

  • With natural convection
  • With fan
  • With heat exchanger



Aluminium profile frame with removable, double-walled cladding. This version has advantages especially for large cabinets and if accessfrom all sides is needed.

  • With fan
  • With heat exchanger

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