The ideal solution for bundling, protectingand fixing cables.

Hellermann Tyton Helawrap

Helagaine HLB 10 m lengths

Features and Benefits:
Helagaine HLB polyester braided sleeving has an expansion ratio of 3:1. With diameters running from 5 mm to 54 mm, just 3 sizes of the versatile Helagaine HLB covers a very wide range of applications. Large differences in diameter, for instance due to cable jacks and connectors, are easy to handle. The sleeves are supplied in practical 10m reels in dispenser boxes. The boxes protect the sleeves and can be efficiently stocked. The dispenser opening also guarantees easy extraction of the sleeves.

Helagaine HLB is supplied in practical dispenser boxes and covers a wide range of applications with only a few sizes. It is ideal for both the professional and the home user. Helagaine HLB bundles and effectively protects cables and wires, for instance in HiFi systems and in industrial plants. Helagaine HLB also provides good
resistance to abrasion.

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Image Description Avail. Price
Geflechtschlauch HLB 15
Geflechtschlauch HLB 15
Bündeldurchmesser 5-21mm
1 Rolle = 10 m
Item No.: 170-80150
in stock on request
Geflechtschlauch HLB 25
Geflechtschlauch HLB 25
Bündeldurchmesser 10-30mm
1 Rolle = 10 m
Item No.: 170-80250
delivery period > 7 days on request
Geflechtschlauch HLB 35
Geflechtschlauch HLB 35
Bündeldurchmesser 18-54mm
1 Rolle = 10 m
Item No.: 170-80350
delivery period > 7 days on request
Heißschneidegerät HSGO
Heißschneidegerät HSGO
mit Schneidspitze
Item No.: 170-99001
delivery period > 7 days on request

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